Letters of Recommendation

From Town Council
From the Mayor of High River
From the Chief of Police

I don’t know what else to say, but thank you, you saved my life.

Thomas Rodrigues, Graduate Student and NCAA Baseball player • NY State • 2014

Looking Forward to A Bright Future after Overcoming a Dark Past

Going to the remand center for a couple months was the reality check I needed. I really believe it saved my life. It caused me to get sober long enough to look at the mess I created in my life and realize that I couldn’t run from myself anymore. I knew I was going to die doing what I was doing and my mind was finally clear enough for me to make the decision to change things. I really believe that God brought the **Narrow Road Home **into my life at the exact right moment I needed. I thought I was going to spend the next few years in jail and that my life was hopeless and I ran out of time to fix it. I didn’t understand who God was at the time, but now I see that he has always been with me. During the past year I’ve learned to forgive myself and others who have hurt me and to let go of my past. I can cope with my feelings and stress in a healthy way that doesn’t involve chaos or drugs. God has really blessed me and I see it the most in my family. My relationships with both of my parents have been restored in a way I never thought was possible. I’m so grateful for them for sticking by my side and supporting me through my treatment process despite all of the chaos and hardships I’ve put them through.

I’ve hurt a lot of people through my choices during my addiction. I am filled with remorse about the things I did. I am so sorry for everyone that was a casualty to my destructive behaviour. I don’t deserve the mercy and kindness that has been shown to me during this court process. I am so grateful to have another chance to get my life back. Narrow Road has a** Creperie** restaurant which we all volunteer at to gain job experience and life skills. I love being there, I get the opportunity to be creative in making different things for the drink and food menu and I learn so much from the other volunteers. Through the Creperie I have really discovered a passion for cooking and most of all gardening. For the last two months I have been volunteering at a greenhouse that Narrow Road is partnering with to learn more about hydroponics. Narrow Road is planning on getting a greenhouse for the Creperie to grow what we need instead of buying produce so that we can work towards being more self sustainable. It is something I am really looking forward to being a part of. I have completed my GED this year with a 92% average and I plan to go into university for botany and permaculture courses in the future. I really believe that the future of agriculture needs to be focused around permaculture and stopping fertilizers and other chemicals in order to bring back our healthy ecosystems and nutrients in our food. I believe most of the health problems in North America today are caused by poor nutrition and chemicals found in our food. I want to learn how I can be part of the solution.

I plan to stay at the Narrow Road Home and work in the greenhouse and the Creperie for another year before I look into going to university. Right now my heart is here at the Narrow Road. Everyday I am inspired by the girls in the program and I want to invest my time here and give back. The staff here are amazing they are so patient and kind. I really believe in what this program does as it has changed my life and I have seen it change so many other girls’ lives as well. I have so much support from the Narrow Road and from my family I am really excited for what the future will bring. I am so grateful for the legal team that has worked with me along this journey. Thank you for giving me another chance. You have made it possible for me to change my life and recognize my potential. You have given me the chance to have a relationship with God and my parents and friends that care about me. Thank you for your time and grace in this process.

Taylor B. • High River, Alberta • May 11, 2019

The Town of High River is extremely fortunate to have Kim Courtney and the Narrow Road Home.

There is a great need for the services Kim, her staff and the home can provide. Personally, I have been working with Kim on overcoming a childhood trauma that had a hold on me for over 40 years. I never fully understood the damage done and who I was until, with Kim’s experience and guidance, I was able to lay it all out before Christ where he brings in true light and healing. I am sure there is a lifetime of discovery and work yet to be done, but it’s a powerful beginning.

Sandra Wiebe • High River, AB • December 2014

I came to Narrow Road telling myself and believing so many lies.

I was pondering my life one morning recently and I thought to myself, “I can say that I truly love myself and how God has made me.”

I came to Narrow Road telling myself and believing so many lies. Lies about who I was ‘supposed’ to be, lies about what was ‘supposed’ to make me happy and bring me joy and the lie that alcohol brought me life. Narrow Road, along with my family and friends, could speak truth into my life and bring light to the obstacles and struggles that had brought me to such a dark place. So much of the battle is in our minds. It is a cleaning out process of old beliefs and patterns of thinking. When you learn how to take every thought captive, you live with great ease.

Today the old me is in the grave and I walk in victory; working to reach the beauty and freedom that is in Christ. I have had a complete change of heart towards my purpose in life and what it really means to live! I choose everyday to live in truth and not in lies; especially the truth that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Lisa J • Calgary

Every day I look into the sky and say “Thank You God for my life today!”

Coming into the Narrow Road Home, I was so broken. I didn’t think there was anything that could help me overcome my addiction, or brokenness from my past. I honestly didn’t care if I woke up the next morning most days. The first few days were a bit of a struggle, mostly from detoxing from all the toxins I had put in my body over, and over again. Once I started to connect with the other girls and the staff at the house, I began to feel a lot more comfortable. I think the biggest reason for this was because we could all relate in some way. I came to the Narrow Road intending to be done in 30 days. I thought that’s what it would take to “fix me”. Ha Ha! About three weeks in, I realized that I was nowhere near the healing goal I had in my mind. I had a really good start, but was just beginning to get to the stuff that had been haunting me my entire life. I agreed to stay until that healing goal was met, and until the counsellors, that I completely trusted, could see that I was ready.

It took some hard work, and a lot of perseverance but we did it! I say “we” because I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own without the help of Kim and the staff at the Narrow Road Home. I am finally FREE from my brokenness and self hatred. Every day I look into the sky and say, Thank You God for my life today! The most freeing part of healing is loving who I am today. I live my life with integrity, love and hope. I will always have struggles in my life, as every person does, but now I know how to deal with those tough situations. Even though I have moved on from the Narrow Road, the staff and girls are my support 150%. I am so grateful for my life today! Thank you EVERYONE at the Narrow Road Home. I love you all very much. God Bless You.

Laurin • Calgary

With 6 Detox stays, 4 treatment centers, a DUI charge,and a suicide attempt; It’s safe to say I had hit rock bottom!

**I have struggled with Alcohol and Cocaine addiction for 5 years **

With six Detox stays, four separate inpatient treatments centers, a DUI charge and a suicide attempt it’s safe to say I had hit rock bottom endless times. I never thought I could beat this until I walked through the doors of Narrow Road Home. The fifth Treatment Center and I was completely ready to surrender everything to God. Jesus Christ has changed and restored my heart. My small acts of obedience to Him have truly saved my life. Fearful of getting a criminal record for my DUI, I stood in Court as the Judge asked me – “You seem very different, what is this Narrow Road Home and why is it called that?” I then said – “There is a Book in the Bible, Matthew, which states the road that leads to life is narrow and few find it. I am extremely grateful to say Jesus has changed my heart and healed my trauma, and saved me from addiction. The Judge then replied with the shocking incredible news that I was granted with a curative discharge and no criminal record. To say I was shocked is a huge understatement.

Addiction is a dark and deadly path of destruction, and it only leads to death. My little acts of obedience to Jesus Christ and God have saved me from the enemy and addiction.

I get to wake up everyday free from believing the lies the enemy tells me, that I am worthless, a failure, and a burden to society.

This is all To God and Narrow Road Home, for loving me back to life and for showing me there is a better way with a solid foundation of unconditional love, trust and faith in God!

- Jessica Baker

Jessica Baker • High River, Alberta • September 2019

I came to narrow road completely broken, paralyzed with self hatred.

Wanting to just exist and not live. I had a belief system based solely on lies and self survival! I lived life on a roller coaster of emotions with buried bitterness! Unwanted, unloved and destined to be alone, is what I believed and validated daily by drinking myself to death.

The Narrow Road Home has opened my eyes to light, and slowly and patiently pulled me out of my hole to see light and hope! They tore down my walls; replaced my lies with truth and Jesus! They taught me about forgiveness and love! How much I’m loved, how I have purpose and meaning!

More important than teaching me, the Narrow Road has shown me there IS such thing as “radical love “. That discomfort and disappointments are beautiful miracles in disguise and mercy does exist. I now live life with new ambitions and aspirations.

I walk in gratitude with a humble confidence knowing every minute matters to God! I know now and whole heartedly believe I was saved by grace, which allows me to walk in love and compassion with a deep inner peace.

Janice A • Calgary

Insecure, immature, fearful, timid, shy, low self esteem, hatred for the world, sad inside, confused…

The work and commitment Kim and the staff at the Narrow Road House have shown, has been life changing for not only our daughter, but for our whole family. When our daughter first entered into the program, our mindset was “just fix our daughter, restore her” but in working with Kim through this journey ,we have all been restored individually and as a family.As a family, we are thriving and our walk with God is closer and more fulfilling than before. God had an even greater plan in this than we could have ever planned or imagined! We are so thankful to Kim for following God’s call and opening the doors of the Narrow Road Home.

Gail and Harley • Calgary

Insecure, immature, fearful, timid, shy, low self esteem, hatred for the world, sad inside, confused…

These all controlled my life so I turned to drugs and alcohol, which only fueled the fire. I was done, ready to end it all. I had a plan, I just needed the place. Instead of a place to end my life, I was given and name and phone number.

I called it.

I entered the Narrow Road Home at 50 years old completely broken in every way. I come from a background without any faith, so an introduction to Jesus was a strange thing to me. With the recovery and healing of this program, it has been the MOST rewarding and amazing journey of my life!!

With the staff helping me to heal all the hurt and pain throughout my life, leading me to the path that was created for me with Jesus. I now walk with the Holy Spirit leading and guiding me every day. God has blessed me over and over again in ways I can’t even express. I am truly so very grateful for everything this program has done for me.

Dixie L • Calgary

There are no words to express how grateful we are

There are no words to express how grateful we are to you for the care and encouragement you have given our daughter since she arrived at your home. We have our daughter back and the change in her is incredible. She is beautiful , full of life, happy , caring, funny and we are so proud of her. Its so wonderful to see her working, volunteering in the community, living an active lifestyle as well as learning about herself and other people. Its all because of the work you do at Narrow Road Home to make that happen. She has hope again for her future and we know this is only the beginning.

Curtis and Lisa • High River, AB • August 02 2018

Kim’s own life experiences and recovery is a reflection of her empathy, compassion and care for others.

From the ones that look like they have it all together to the homeless and broken street person. She was immediately at my family’s side when we were hit with a tragic loss. Caring for our mental and emotional needs when our world was suddenly turned upside down, she new how to support and walk us through

Bev Mckenzie • Horseshoe Bay, B.C. • December 2014