Founder/Executive Director

Kimberley Engbrecht(Courtney), B.SC. PSYCH, B.A. SOC, C.C.P.(Certified Coach Practitioner)

Winner of the 2017 Soroptomist International "Making a Difference for Women Award"


My motivation to help others to navigate a path from brokenness to wholeness stems back from early childhood when I lost my younger sister, and best friend, to an illness that claimed her life. A few years later, another sister took her own life due to a fierce battle with alcohol that she was unable to defeat._ By the Grace of God I have been shown a way to walk out a renewed life of hope and restoration and a desire to share that path with others._

It was not long after the last tragedy that the seed took root to prepare me for a life work in the area of serving women, children and their families

battling abuse, relationship fractures, demons of addiction, feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness and loss of identities and purpose. I felt compassion welling up inside of me and I answered the best I could… the only problem was… I was still very broken and emotionally crippled.

Interestingly enough, my “textbook” education to this point had involved a Degree in Psychology and Social Work, working in the field of recovery and social issues that led me to begin my Masters Studies in Counselling. I had some of the top grades in my class, was a Peer Mentor and I knew all the Psychology lingo and therapeutic models…should be a slam dunk right? Well more like a body slam that knocked me flat on my face!

Mid-way through my Masters degree program, the unexpected happened and the home, career and family I had so carefully orchestrated and strategically created to look “perfect” on the outside, imploded from the inside out. It got Ugly.

Needless to say, I was left in a dilapidated puddle of self-pity, self-loathing and subsequently a self-medicated shell of a woman.

As the not so shiny veneer of my shell began to crack, and fall off, I was no longer able to sustain the “different face for a different place” persona and I reached the end of myself. In secret desperation, I sought solace and often wondered if there was anyone out there like me, anyone to understand, only to find that I had no where to fall apart safely, close to home and loved ones. Finally, after trying everything else, I cried out to God for help, surrendered myself and relinquished all of my self-defense armoury, it was then I started to see change happen. A real-life love story began to unfold… and I was in the midst of it all! Unexpected moments of joy and gifts of hope arrived when I least expected them. Peace began to fill me and replace the sadness in my heart. What is so significant here is that it has become a love story centered around OVERCOMING.

So, a story that began with a hurting little girl who grew up into a broken woman who believed lies about who she really was and who she was meant to be, began to take a different course…..

In God’s perfect timing, He picked that woman up, out of the pit of muck and mire and washed her clean so she was able to walk a path of restoration and wholeness. Every day writes a new line of my story and another chapter of self-discovery on the road to Freedom.

Today, I am a proud and adoring wife and mother of five children who I call my heroes. It is because of them that I fought when I felt I had no more fight in me. God knew I needed a lighthouse and it came in the faces and eyes of my children.

Over the past several years, I have been blessed to share my story at universities, camps, schools, conferences and various churches when I am called to do so.

I have had the opportunity to travel abroad and share my story, first as an ambassador and secondly, as a basketball coach. It’s humbling and honoring to share a life testimony that could have easily ended in tragedy. The Blessings have been endless and I have been brought full-circle with a life restored and a sense of self-respect that I never before felt worthy of.

By the Grace of God, and by making a conscious decision to choose the Narrow Road to healing, I have a life today that I never dreamed possible. The same is available to you!

A Transformed life is Achievable no matter how far down you think you have fallen. The light is not gone and it can and will penetrate the darkness if you reach and take the hand of those who have gone before you.

I am ready to Walk this road with YOU, when you’re willing! ~Kimberley