Guest Teacher

Annette Stanwick, BScN

Speaker, Author, Freedom Facilitator, Health Care Professional, Coach and Leadership Consultant

Annette Stanwick shares profound learnings as a result of several life altering experiences that have equipped her for inspiring, encouraging and uplifting others from all walks of life and all types of backgrounds.

After the tragic murder of her brother in the US, she never dreamed she would feel led to publicly forgive his killers in the courtroom. That experience was so profound and life-changing, she developed a passion to help others let go of their painful situations – regardless of how simple or horrible those situations might be.

The freedom she found through forgiveness and letting go, inspired her to write the award-winning and best-selling book, FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY & MIRACLE, a book that is having a global impact.

Since retiring as a health care executive in both the public and private sectors across Canada, she is living out her passion for helping people face their issues and find freedom from the pain of anger, fear, regret, shame and blame. She uses her trademark Freedom Formula and numerous tools and strategies to empower young and old alike to make positive choices and to forgive, let go and live free from the past and any current situations that keep them stuck.

Building on her unforgettable stories and deep understanding of relationships, human behaviour and leadership, her work continues to inspire people in a vast array of audiences and segments of society. She is highly recognized for her inspirational excellence and has been dubbed a “Transformation Catalyst.”

She is adept at facilitating life-changing Letting Go & Living Free public seminars. She also enjoys working with individuals in recovery from addictions, along with Indigenous groups, helping individuals and groups with forgiveness issues, personal development, women’s concerns, leadership training and couple relationships.

She and her husband Clay have spent years presenting their Inward, Outward & Upward Seminar, A Journey Toward Healing, for men and women serving life sentences. She is fearless in facing convicted criminals, a group very few would ever feel inclined or capable in serving.

She has been involved in Restorative Justice projects and conferences - promoting the benefits of victims and offenders together, facing the issues and impacts of crime aiding in mutual healing and restoration.

She and her husband find tremendous gratification facilitating monthly group sessions for women recovering from addiction, incarceration and sexual exploitation, including individual coaching. Their recent 2-day seminar for the women in recovery and their families resulted in the testimonial, “Forgiveness, hope and healing were happening everywhere.”

She continues to ignite confident leadership through seminars and coaching managers and business leaders eager to benefit from her vast experience in executive leadership.

Together, she and her husband present relationship seminars to aid couples in making their relationship more authentic, meaningful and vibrant. Couples continue to express gratitude for the transformation of their relationships.

As a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, she has participated in coaching groups of emerging speakers. She serves as a life coach, speaker coach and coaches individuals in writing quality books.

Annette’s influence extends across Canada, the US and into Uganda where she spoke at a Global Women’s Summit and then addressed thousands of students with her important message of forgiveness. She recently conducted a speaking tour in her own home state of Idaho where she addressed numerous audiences in several cities.

Annette’s energy, enthusiasm and innovation results in dynamic keynotes, seminars and coaching tools tailored to meet the needs of her audiences, coaching clients and fellow human beings.