Our Program Details

Who We Are

We are an in-house healing recovery home for women with a strong emphasis on family counselling and restoration of those key relationships. Narrow Road Home offers a unique, faith-centred healing program for women struggling with all issues in life: emotional brokenness, mental health concerns, addictions, crisis, domestic violence.

We have an amazing passionate team of caring and committed women, both staff and volunteers alike. These life teacher’s and dedicated staff consist of a Licensed Psychologist, Certified Life Coach Practitioners, Chaplins and local Lead Pastor.

Who is Our Program For?

Women who have finally come to the end of themselves, tired of Coping Mechanisms that no longer serve her well and are ready for deep soul healing. We are not about the shortcuts of recovery nor the short term fixes and solutions that don’t work long term. We are the right fit for a women who is ready to go to the places of hidden secrets and pain and willing to trust God in the process.

Program Overview

The initial introduction to the program is an informative phone interview with one of our Admissions Coordinators, consisting of a general Program overview and Q & A, providing a comprehensive outline of our program services and client criteria for admission. At this juncture, potential clients will be provided the Fee Schedule for admission to our program.

We encourage and provide services for family members willing to attend an Orientation session with potential clients. Once a client makes a decision to join our program, her time begins with a quiet and reflective time of stabilizing and settling. During this time of acclimation, each woman learns to adhere to the daily routine and framework that will be required of her to walk out her new way of living.

Program Goals

The program relies on 3 very specific guiding principles: surrender, ownership and core-level honesty.

The first priority at the Narrow Road Home is to acknowledge and admit that at a deep level we are broken. Surrender is the beginning of a new relationship with ourselves, others and God. As we begin to develop a trusting relationship with God, other women and themselves that is needed to begin to break down the walls that keep them bound in self-destruct modes.

Second, and of utmost importance, a woman begins to take ownership and responsibility of her life choices and the subsequent decisions she has made. Additionally, we understand that a woman’s decision to reach out for help and healing from a state of crisis in her personal world has her arriving at our Home in a place of turmoil and fragility. In order to regain her focus and stability, both physically and emotionally, each woman will need grace, nurturing, and a time for the fog to lift from the negative impact of an unhealthy lifestyle and thinking patterns.

Thirdly, our program implores each woman to take a hard look at the areas in her life where she needs to seek forgiveness, repent to others and seek God’s strategy and wisdom for healing wounds still seeping. They will be asked to look squarely at the damaging effects of their actions and mind-sets have had on their relationships, emotional and spiritual fitness and personal success.

Our Mission Statement

It is our Desire and Spiritual calling to be living examples of walking out from under the veils of lie based thinking patterns and into truth based Living. We believe we everyone is created equally and we all deserve the Grace, the Mercy and the Freedom that the Creator of the Universe offers to us in full. Children of God are to meant to be OVERCOMERS and our prayer is to God’s vessel to lead women and their families into a New Life of Purpose and lasting Joy.

Talking Straight is how we work! Quite simply put …GIVERS GET WELL and TAKERS STAY LOST…

This process facilitates a transformational perception shift from an unhealthy, self-defeating belief system into a belief system that harnesses our thoughts under God’s plan and purpose for our lives.

The Narrow Road home’s process is a powerful foundational teaching method and comprehensive guide used to carefully navigate the exploration of self and its journey towards exposing truth and unhealthy strongholds.

Admission Guidelines

Narrow Road Home accepts women into the program regardless of race, religion, lifestyle or financial status. Admissions are confidential and referrals may be made personally or by provincial detox centres, adult addiction outpatient services, employee assistance programs, women’s correctional facilities, private treatment centres, physicians, health care professionals, social workers and counsellors. Women must be 18 years of age to access our services.

Our committed staff are happy to assist you 7 days a week. All information is kept confidential.

We welcome women who satisfy the following requirements:

  • You are 18 years of age or older.
  • You have been medically detoxed – if necessary.
  • You are ready to walk away from all your negative triggers and unsafe escape hatches.
  • Your addiction does NOT have to be chemically based.
  • We do accept referrals from doctors, psychiatrists or psychologists

If you satisfy the above noted requirements, you need to call us at 403 710 0744 or request a phone consultation here. It is important that you reach out to us as soon as you because we often times have a wait list. If there are special circumstances surrounding one of our criteria, please call and discuss it with our trained intake counsellors. We are willing to work with you to help you succeed in your desire for recovery.