Our Program


Narrow Road Home’s process is a powerful foundational teaching method and comprehensive guide used to carefully navigate the exploration of self and identity in order to rediscover one’s purpose.

We are supporters of walking out from under the veils of lie based thinking patterns and into truth telling freedom.

This process facilitates a transformational perception shift from an unhealthy, self-defeating belief system into a belief system that harnesses our thoughts under God’s plan and purpose for our lives.


Upon successful admission into Narrow Road Home’s recovery program, you will be brought into an intentional process of healing past wounds, and rediscovering your God-given identity.

Our Honour System

Our mission is to partner with women who sincerely want a new way of life. We ask that only serious applicants reach out to us. These applicants are ready to lie-down and surrender their old life and thought-patterns, and are willing to become a new creation.