Reducing the stigma of depression

"By Grace " we are saved.
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By Lambie J. Carruthers - High River Times Postmedia Network

Every Thursday, Narrow Road Home holds an open-invitation meeting where women can feel safe in sharing their stories and experiences.

Women in the By Grace group discuss topics such as why women are hard on themselves and the stigma associated with anxiety and depression, said Kim Courtney, founder of Narrow Road Home.

She said when women see someone else suffering, they feel compassion, but feel their own problems are unworthy and hide them.

“Women have come to share openly and it has been the first time they have felt accepted,” Courtney said.

Narrow Road Home is a place of spiritual healing, acceptance and empowerment for women that was founded when Courtney realized there were no added support resources available for the women she was helping through interventions and crises.

“It is a place where women can feel safe and tell the truth without judgement,” Courtney said.

The home’s environment offers support for women who have suffered domestic abuse, addictions, personal crises or need a safe place to go.

The staff at Narrow Road Home use their professional and life experience in overcoming crises that they share and pass along.

“Depression and anxiety are of epidemic proportions and it doesn’t matter what socioeconomic background you are from; there is no immunity to it,” Courtney said.